Welcome to the Enchanted Workshop - Again!

Welcome, friends!  I am so thrilled to have the honor of bringing back The Enchanted Workshop to the Suzuki community!  As you will notice on our logo and products, we have included the important date "Est. 1984."  And that date is nod to the original founder and owner of the company, Carole Walker Shoaf.  Carole and Scott Walker, well-known Suzuki musicians and educators in North Carolina, began this company back in the eighties to add some fun and magic to the Suzuki experience.  They began by asking a woodworking friend to create solid wood blocks for them, and they hand-stamped them in their basement with the names of Suzuki songs.  Carole created much of the artwork herself, shining her creative light and creating a whimsical world of dragons, castles, and inspiring images that could be enjoyed by children of all ages.  Thanks to their hard work and inspiration, the memory of The Enchanted Workshop has lived on through the decades, and I have been lucky enough to pick up the creative torch and bring it back to you all!  Some of you may even have some of the original blocks, or maybe some of the fun coloring sheets, maybe a Twinkle Graduation certificate?  You will find some of these items and more in the revived Enchanted Workshop's products.  Head on over to our shopping pages to learn more about each item, and check back here for more about me, my Suzuki kids, and life in the Workshop!

Thanks for visiting!!

Enchantingly Yours,
Sarah Davis Herr


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