Product Descriptions



1.  The taka taka tote bag
Dragon dancing on Variation A (or taka taka stop stop to some!) adds some whimsy to this extra large boat tote.  Made of study polyester, with 24" handles, this bag is durable and machine washable.  Sporting a roomy pocket and zippered top, the taka taka tote bag will keep all your music supplies handy and secure.  Use it for hauling your music books, practice supplies, and crayons and coloring books for entertaining little siblings during lessons.  This tote won't just be another flimsy bag to add to your dusty collection of freebies -- you will love using it for years to come! (Actual dimensions of bag are 16" H x 19" W x 5.5" D)

2.  Dragon's Review Cubes
Dragon wants to help you review!  A soft canvas bag is filled with four 1.5 inch wooden blocks printed with all the songs from Suzuki Violin Book 1 and one number cube.  Also included is a two-sided card with 6 Serious playing suggestions and 6 Silly playing suggestions.  Roll a song cube and the number cube to see which song to play and how often to repeat it.  Roll the number cube again to decide which serious or silly playing suggestion to use. Have fun creating your own variations for great group lessons and home practice!

3.  Dragon's Bead Counter
There is no substitute for repetition!  Use the number cube from Dragon's Review Cubes or any other fun dice to determine how many times to play that tricky section of a new piece or how many times to repeat a piece you are polishing.  (When you are done, track your progress towards your goal by coloring in one of your review sheets!). See how satisfying it is to flip these colorful wood beads from one side of the counter to the other -- and make your practice time fun and effective!  Embossed with Dr. Suzuki's reminder to "Practice only on the days you eat," Dragon's Bead Counter will be a fun addition to your practice and studio time.


4.  Stand Like Dragon Foot Mat
Made of thick, comfy yoga mat material covered in felt-like cloth, this foot mat will help your new Twinkler or wiggly older kids get into a great, comfortable playing position.  The dragon feet can be moved around on the mat for a customizable playing position for every unique body.


5.  The Enchanted Workshop Case Tag
Add Dr. Suzuki's fun reminder to "Practice Only on the Days You Eat!"  to your instrument case.  Made of durable polyester material, this case tag will accompany your child to lessons and concerts for many years! (Order extras from the products page for all your kids!)

6.  Rosin Rag
This soft microfiber cleaning cloth is kid-violin sized and will help remind your little musician to clean that rosin off before packing their violin away. (Order extras of these from our product page for all your students!)


7.  Review Sheets Coloring Pad
This huge coloring pad has a generous number of copies of three delightful Spike the Dragon-inspired pictures.  You will have plenty of sheets to hand out to students and friends so you can track your latest practice goals!


8.  Dragon Takes Care of His Violin coloring book
This color-it-in instructional book walks students throug the basic care of their instruments.  From opening up the case to packing it up again at the end of practice, Dragon shows kids the best way to keep their violin and bow clean and ready to make beautiful music. (Order extras from the products page for all your students!)