Meet Sarah

 Welcome to The Enchanted Workshop!  My name is Sarah Davis Herr, and I am a Suzuki violin player, mom, and teacher.  I had the joy of growing up in Greenville, North Carolina as a student of Joanne Bath and was surrounded by the loving, supportive Suzuki community that she created.  I continued playing violin through college and beyond, and once I had my own two girls, I began teaching them violin at home.  In Charlotte, NC, my girls now take lessons from another amazing teacher, but the girls and I still practice and learn together each morning at home.  

Having the perspective of both teacher and mom, I have felt both the frustration of keeping up the daily practice routine and the challenge to keep things fun and creative through what can sometimes feel like a grind.  When my girls were still very young, I began to search around for practice tools I could use at home.  There were a ton of ideas out there, and many teachers have come up with fun games and practice ideas, but I was looking for a product that was beautiful and creative that I could pull out when I needed a dose of fun during the morning practice routine.  I was surprised by how little I found!  

One of my Greenville friends reminded me about the sweet little company called The Enchanted Workshop that was around when we were young.  A couple of Suzuki teachers had created just what I was looking for --- a company with unique, creative products that could be used at home or in the studio to make practice fun!  But sadly, the company closed its doors a while back -- so I decided to bring it back to life!  More on that process on our blog...

Around 5 years later, here we are!  Fitting the creation of a business into the life of our busy family hasn't been easy or quick, but it has been fun and so rewarding!  Please reach out to me if you have questions or ideas to share.  We are always in the process of thinking of new products to add in the future.  

I hope you love these products as much as my family and I do!

Enchantingly Yours,